51tracks / 66min

遂に登場!! バリアフリーのファンデーションダブミックス!!

大阪から世界へと躍進を続ける"BARRIER FREE"が

時代を超えて今もなお色あせない名曲の数々で、知ってる人も、知らない人もレゲエがさらに楽しくなること決定! お気に入りの本を読む時のような気持ちで1曲1曲聞いていただきたい作品です。
大昔からレゲエはヤバいんです!! Foundation song a immortal!!


1.Candy Man / Japanese Mystic
2.Max Romeo / Ghetto Vibes
3.Bunny Wailer / Ram Dancehall
4.Third World / 96 Degrees
5.Third World / Reggae Ambassador
6.Candy Man / Barrier Free Soldier
7.Toots / No.1
8.Toots / Pumps & Pride
9.Stranger Call / When You Call Barrier Free
10.Freddie Mcgregor / Haffi Go Bring
11.Derrick Morgan / Blazing Fire
12.Max Romeo / Let The Power Fall
13.Melodians / Everybody Bowling
14.Jimmy London / When You Diss We
15.John Holt / Sound I Can Feel
16.Leroy Sibbles / Killin Time
17.Leroy Sibbles / Barrier Free Gonna Fight
18.Leroy Sibbles / Sweet Killin
19.Cornell Campbell / Stars
20.Marcia Griffiths / Tell Me Now
21.Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths / Really Together
22.Bob Andy / Too Experience
23.Gregory Isaacs / Dub is Overdue
24.Carl Dawkins / Satisfaction
25.Errol Dunkley / Please Stop Lying Sound Boy
26.Mighty Diamonds / Identity
27.Mighty Diamonds / I Need Respect
28.Big Youth / Hit The Road Jack
29.Errol Dunkley / Dancehall Star
30.Errol Dunkley / Black Cinderella
31.Dennis Walks / Drifter
32.The Tamlins / Baltimore
33.Johnny Osbourne / Truth & Right
34.Sammy Dread / Dub Plate We Play
35.Culture(Joseph Hill) / See Them a Come
36.7th Extension / Hard Times
37.Meditation / Barrier Free is like a Thunder
38.Carlton Livingston / Trodding Through the Dancehall
39.Suger Minnot / Oh Sound Boy
40.Freddie Mcgregor / Push Come to Shove
41.Glen Brown / Wicked Can't Run Away
42.Barry Brown / Far East
43.Horace Andy / Bless You
44.Carlton Livingston / 100% Dub Plate
45.Barrington Levy / Murderer
46.Anthony Red Rose / Tempo
47.Anthony Red Rose / Old Sound Bangrang
48.Hopeton Lindo / OSAKA a Territory
49.Barrington Levy / Barrier Free Rock
50.Barrington Levy / Sweet Reggae Music
51.Admiral Tibet / Leave Barrier Free Sound